My name is Rich Dubay. I am a Christ follower, husband, father, and nerd. I’m originally from Michigan but I’ve lived for over 20 years in the South. I currently live in Anderson, South Carolina where I root for the Michigan Wolverines, Detroit Red Wings, and San Francisco 49ers. Oh yeah, my favorite sports teams are very popular here. 😂

Rich Heav
My beautiful wife and I at the top of the Sky Needle in Seattle.

What I Do

I work in full-time ministry as a software engineer at NewSpring Church. It is easily the best job I’ve ever had. I can't imagine spending my life in pursuit of a greater calling than seeing Jesus change peoples lives and making Him famous through technology.

I’m also a writer. I am passionate about helping people find their purpose and rediscover their passions. I also write about God, technology, writing (ironically), and other sundry things.

I’ve also started working on a book. 😬

I fall more in love with writing all the time. The more I do it, the more I love it. One story, one paragraph, one sentence, or even one word can change someones life. That’s a great power not to be taken lightly. Also, the personal blog has taken a hit recently, but it's do for a comeback. I want to be here when it does.

How I Do It

I am using a pretty legit 13-inch MacBook Pro (circa 2018). My writing currently happens in Bear although I am toying with the idea of moving to Ulysses. I’ve also recently started using Things to keep everything together and finished as close as possible to on-time. This site is built with Gatsby and edited with Atom. Before this, my site was built using React and before that I used Coda and straight up HTML and CSS (which I still use for a lot of things). The site is powered by Netlify. I am powered by caffeine. A lot of caffeine.

Other Things

I love pretty much any gadget that Apple makes, and I have a fond affection for seeing the workspaces of others. I like modern design, old-school hip-hop, and beautifully designed software. I also feel like I’m becoming more of a nerd as I get older. I am on the board of directors at the Clemson Little Theatre, I’ve been to more than one Comic Con (although I haven’t started dressing up yet), and I’m beginning to get into comic books more and more. Is that a little frightening? I’m not sure yet.

Places You Can Find Me

I’m available in all the normal places. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and by email. For the developers in the group, I can also be found on Github. I will do my best to respond to you as quickly as I can, but please understand that I still love you even if I don’t respond.