What Would You Do?

I have a question for you today:

If you could do anything in the world and all the bills were paid, what would you do?

This is such a tough question for me. I feel like there are so many things that I would or could do if I didn’t have to have a full-time job every day. There’s definitely not just one thing. Here’s a short list of some things I think I’d do.

I want to think that I would write more. Not for money, but for the love of writing whatever I wanted to write. I’m imagining that doing so would free up my words and that I actually would make money from them. But the fact that I wouldn’t have to make money from them is freeing.

I think I’d keep on writing code. I’ve been a developer since I was young. I can’t imagine that stopping now.

I also want to read more. Over the past few years I’ve started to pick up the habit of reading and I’ve been enjoying it. At first it was all non-fiction “get better at your life” kinds of books but lately it’s been more fiction. I will say the one problem I have with reading books is that when I read I get sleepy. So maybe I’d also take more naps?

I feel like I would (or could) make more time to exercise. During this “health year” I’ve gotten into a pretty good groove with exercising regularly and, while I haven’t fallen in love with it yet, I’m starting to appreciate some of the results I’m seeing. I generally like feeling better overall. I’d like to think that I’d at least continue the trend if not make it even a more important part of my life. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so optimistic about that, but I am.

I would spend time outside, particularly in the fall. I love the fall weather. As I sit here looking at my yard, I wish I would take better care of it. It’s had the feeling of fall in the air a bit lately … and I’m starting to see ads for pumpkin spice things, so I’m starting to think about being outside. Cool air, fires in the fire pit, roasting marshmallows.

I’d travel with my family to some places that we’ve always wanted to see. We’d take our time doing it too. “Let’s go see all the things in the two weeks I get off for vacation every year” would be a thing of the past. I’d love to buy an RV and just go travel everywhere. I love my family and want to spend as much time with them as possible. Getting out on the road with them, having adventures together, that sounds like an amazing thing to do.

I’d find some way to give back. It’s not all about me or even really at ALL about me. There are people that need so much help. How can I help?

I think of all the things I mentioned, traveling around the country with my family and writing more would top the list. But honestly, just having the time (and money) to do whatever God wants me to do whenever God wants me to do it, wherever He might want me to go is a huge deal. I think that’s what I’d most want to do.

What about you? What would you do?