Is Jesus a Person or a Transaction?

Sometimes it’s really hard for me to remember that what Jesus wants most from me is me. It’s even harder to remember that what I need most from Jesus is Jesus and not what he can do for me.

For too long I’ve tried to use Jesus as a transaction. “Hey Jesus, will you do (insert thing) for me?”. Make sure our money lasts all month long, let my kids get in this or that show, help me be a better husband or father.

There is nothing wrong with that, by the way. Jesus wants you to turn to Him and ask him to help you in your life.

But Jesus is not a transaction.

I need a relationship with Him way more than I need Him to do things for me. I need to sit with Him and let Him lead me the way He wants to lead me instead of me just spouting off all the things I need or want.

Jesus saved me and that’s enough. If He never did another thing for me then that would still be enough. He’s there for me and wants to help me in my life. But He wants me and my heart way more than anything I can do for Him.

Can I say the same in return?