10 Rounds: A Review

Disclaimer: I’ll admit … I have no idea how to write a product review and make it interesting and fun. So here’s to giving it a shot … and hoping it’s not too dry and boring. Thanks for reading!

I revealed to you last week that I finished an online, at-home workout for the first time ever. This was (and still is) a huge deal for me. After years and years of trying and failing to finish, after so long of thinking I was a failure, I was finally able to complete a program. It’s a big deal not just to my body, but also to my spirit.

I thought I’d write up a little review of the program that finally got me over the hump.

Soulmate Workout?

If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years through my attempts at physical fitness, it’s that there are just some types of workouts you enjoy more than others. I’ve heard it called your “soulmate workout.”

For me that type of workout has been weightlifting. I can get more excited for and more enjoyment from a good weightlifting workout than I can almost any other kind of workout.

Side note: I’m a secret bodybuilding fan. I actually follow some bodybuilders and watch their YouTube channels and for a while there even got into watching some competitions. There’s just something about bodybuilding that motivates me. Now granted I don’t have the genetic structure to be able to do what they do, but the motivation is there nonetheless.

I think if I had to pick a second favorite workout type it would be something with punching and kicking. I remember back when I was trying to do P90X that I really enjoyed the Kenpo workout. That one was fun.

Outside of punching and kicking, I’ve never really enjoyed any other form of cardio. I don’t enjoy running, or swimming, or jumping, or … you name it. I know cardio is important. I want a healthy heart after all. But none of it interests me.

One thing that my wife has taught me is that you need to find the things you like and that keep you motivated to do them over and over again. That’s when fitness will “stick” and you’ll be more likely to continue to do it for a long time into the future.

Enter 10 Rounds

As the title of this post suggests, the workout program I completed is called 10 Rounds. It’s made by Beachbody, the same company that produced the world famous P90X, Insanity, 21 Day Fix, and many others.

When I read up on the program before purchasing it, what I found was a boxing-inspired workout program with some weight training. As we just discussed, I like lifting weights and if I’m going to do cardio, I might as well be punching, right? This program sounded like a win from the beginning.

What is the Program Like?

10 Rounds is a 6-week program in which you workout 5 days a week. 3 of those days are boxing and 2 are weightlifting. No two workouts are the same. Every day is something different and you never do the same workout twice. This is great for all of you who get bored doing the same workout over and over again.

Over the course of the 6 weeks you learn all the basic boxing moves. You’ll learn 6 basic punches that you will use in different combinations over and over again. You’ll put those combinations together with movement as well. Stepping forward and back, stepping side to side for starters. Then shuffles, fans, slips, rolls … you’ll learn it all.

It’s important to note that this is a progression. You build up slowly over the course of the program. They don’t expect you to know it all from the opening bell.

Boxing Days

The boxing days are, like the name of the program implies, broken up into ten 3-minute rounds. The rounds go like this:

  • Warm-up
  • Boxing
  • Boxing
  • Conditioning
  • Boxing
  • Boxing
  • Conditioning
  • Boxing
  • Boxing
  • Core

Now the boxing rounds are where you do your … well, boxing. 😄 The conditioning rounds are basically just cardio. But it’s boxing-based cardio. So that’s helpful. And each workout ends with core work.

Weight Training Days

You do 2 weight lifting workouts each week. One is upper body and the other is lower body. The workouts vary from week to week. Some weeks it’s one body part at a time until your done and then you move on to the next. Other weeks it’s supersets. Sometimes it’s a circuit. I found the variety of exercises and types of workouts to be fun.


I did want to mention that there is no modifier. A lot of Beachbody’s programs have one … this one doesn’t. Everyone in the cast does the full workout the entire time. Joel (the trainer) does explain and demonstrate any modifications should you need them. This usually happens in the conditioning rounds and during the weight lifting workouts. Boxing is just boxing. Throw those punches!


This program is so much fun. Coming from a guy who has always wanted to be fit but never really wanted to work out all that much, that’s saying a lot. If you like punching and weight lifting like I do, this just might be the program for you. Here’s a trailer for the program so you can see just what you’re getting yourself into:

If you think 10 Rounds might be something you’d like to try and haven’t already got a Beachbody coach or account, you should contact my wife. Heather has been a Beachbody coach for a long time and can help set you up with all the things you need to make it happen and answer any questions you might have. She’s @intentionallyft on pretty much all the social media things. Also, you can find out more information about the program through this link. Note that this is an affiliate link and if you sign up to do the program from here you will be automatically assigned to have Heather as your coach. Which is definitely not a bad thing. She’s awesome.

What’s Next

Rest assured, I enjoyed this program so much that I will do it again. I do think I’m going to try something else before I go back to it though. Right now it’s looking like my next program might be LIIFT 4. This is a combination weight training and HIIT (high intensity interval training) program with the same trainer as 10 Rounds. I think I’d like to give this one a shot.

So if you get going and do 10 Rounds now then in 9 or 10 weeks we could both do our second rounds of it together! Who’s in?