I love celebrating milestones. I think it is one of nature’s best ways of tracking time. We all love to be remembered on our birthdays. We look forward to hitting that next tenure bracket at our jobs. “I’ve known you for 25 years but today we’ve officially been Facebook friends for 5 years!”

Today is another milestone day for me. On this day 22 years ago, Heather and I got married.

22 years! Man, it doesn’t feel like it was that long ago.

Time has a funny way of passing doesn’t it? The days go by so slowly but the years add up so fast.

In the past 22 years we’ve moved 7 times, had 2 children, 1 dog, and a few beta fish. We’ve seen some pretty low lows and some pretty amazing miracles. Hey Heav, remember that time we found $500 in an envelope on our door?

At times, being married has been the biggest struggle we could imagine and at others it’s been the easiest, most natural thing in the world. We’ve fought with each other and for each other. Here’s a hint: it’s better when you fight for.

There are so many great stories that happen in the course of 22 years.

We got lost on Mackinaw Island on our honeymoon. With Heather, before GPS, we always got lost. Always.

When Heather was pregnant with Trae, I was super afraid that I was going to lose both of them when I “just happened” to come home for lunch one day to find Heather having seizures. A frantic phone call to her doctor and then to 911. Me driving as fast as I’ve ever driven on the road, following the ambulance that came to take her to the hospital. And a story that ends with a “ruggedly handsome” son and miracles all around.

And so many more.

God is so good to have given me the gift that Heather is. I know, like many of the gifts I’ve been given that I don’t deserve such an extravagant gift. I count it all blessing from a Father that loves me.

Heather, I love you more now than I did then. You are everything a guy could hope for. You truly are my Wonder Woman.

An anniversary haiku and then I’m done.

Twenty-two years old

Happy Anniversary

Let’s go eat tacos