When Motivation Wanes

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you’re just not feeling it? Motivation has vanished and it’s hard to get anything moving? That was my week this week. I struggled with feeling rested. I struggled to find joy in what I was doing. It was just a hard week.

I also had this blog post deadline looming over my head. I made a promise at the beginning of this year that I would write and publish one blog post a week. It’s not a lot by any stretch. Some people write a blog post a day. Some more than that. But for me and where I am in my life, one a week seemed like it was doable and something I could consistently hit. So what do you do when you run out of motivation to write?

I want to write a book or books. I want to write about Jesus. I want to write about your heart and how central it is to your life. I want to write about living an intentional life. I want to write about passions, and missions, and your purpose.

All the “experts” that I’ve read say that if I want to attract a tribe that I need to stay focused on the main thing or things that I want to write about and never stray from those things. If I want to attract an audience of people that will eventually buy my books or seminars or “whatevers”, then I need to only write about the things that those items will address. That way I attract a crowd of people who want that information.

I love those topics and I truly plan on writing about them more and more as time goes on. But this week I really just have a bunch of questions.

  • What do you do when you just don’t have the motivation to write about a particular thing anymore and you have to post something?
  • What if the thing that I am most jazzed about right this moment is a trailer for the latest Marvel movie? What if I just posted a link to the trailer and called it a day? Would that be enough?
  • What happens when I don’t have anything inspiring or helpful to say?
  • Would it be better just to skip the post I said I was going to write rather than post something that might not be along the same vein as the general topics that I want to cover?

These are the questions running through my head today. If you have any feedback or help, I’d love to hear it!