I Haven’t Even Been Trying

I had a sort of mini-revelation this week. Well, a couple of them actually. The first one is this:

I eat like an 18 year old.

I am not 18 anymore. In fact, I’m way past double that. But that doesn’t stop me from eating like I am. The metabolism that I had back then doesn’t exist anymore. The energy that I was able to manufacture back then also doesn’t exist. I’m tired and achy and overweight. I’ve got to start taking better care of myself and that starts with how I eat. I have said in a previous post that one of my biggest goals for this year is better health and that I would work hard at making sure that I focused on that. I said that I would workout 3 days per week and would eat healthy foods 80% of the time. Honest confession time (and what is actually my second mini-revelation):

I haven’t even been trying.

Not one iota. I still eat the same way I was eating on December 31st. I haven’t really started exercising. I’ve done a little on both fronts but the reality is that I haven’t even begun to be serious about it. That has to change, and that change has to start right now.

This goes the same for all of my goals. I haven’t started paying down any debt. In fact, I’d say that we’re in worse financial shape then we were when we started the year. I haven’t started getting serious about turning my writing into a business or writing my book yet. None of it. I haven’t even been trying.

The revelation that I haven’t been trying hit me really hard. One thing I rail against in my own life is letting life take you where it wants to go and being purposeful and intentional about telling your life where it should go. These past two months I’ve just been on the journey that my life wants me to go on. It’s time I changed that.

So, here’s to making changes. To being convicted about the things that we’re doing wrong. To learning that it’s never to late to start over. To having open and honest dialog about our lives and helping each other get better. It’s because I knew you would be here that I could write this post. It’s because I know you’ll be back that I can continue to write more. Thanks for being here and helping me along my journey.